{Using Reward Based Dog Training methods to Train Your Dog

Using Reward Established Dog Training methods to Train Your Dog

In this specific article I shall discuss the best way to use reward based training methodologies to train your furry friend to take a seat.

1. The training session important you've treats ready for the dog, before you start it. This exercise is based a great deal treats you use, therefore it is essential that you simply bring enough to carry the job out.

2. Find a spot that has little to no distractions and is quiet that one may begin your work in.

3. Go to your big supply of treats, take a couple of them outside and put them in your hand. Kneel down towards your dog; now take your hand using the treats and set them. When it gets the attention of your dog, begin to go around, getting your pet follow your hand. Ensure it is not fast enough so the dog can follow without losing interest. Your hand must be close enough that the dog can literally touch your hand.

4. Once you've got the total attention of your pet and he/she is chasing your hand around enthusiastically, slow down and enable your harlow dog training dog to eat some of the treats on your hand, in this procedure transfer your hands upwards and from your dog. As you raising your hand upwards and further away out of your pet, your hands should be more than several inches from the dog's nose.

5. When your dog sits up so as to achieve your hands filled against the treats, say something positive to the dog to indicate that he or she has done something right and give the dog some treats as a benefit.

6. Repeat parts one to five of this exercise.

You needn't use the word "sit" until you are confident your dog will sit on he/she is behind when you entice the dog with your hand. Once you're 100% sure that the dog will sit you then can begin using the word to signify to the dog the action the dog is carrying out.

It is important that once you get passed this stage, you begin to use the word "sit" before you lure the dog upwards. The word "sit" should continually be properly used prior to the dog's action, so as to signify to your own dog.

If you are using the word "sit" at once you use your hand to get your dog sit erect, your dog will naturally give more value to your own hand gesture than he/she's actions.

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